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Discover why locals partner with our criminal defense law firm

The legal system can often seem overly complex and indifferent to your struggles. If you're facing serious charges like assault or DWI, hiring the right attorney can make all the difference. Rosas and Cirigliano is a trusted criminal defense law firm with a solid reputation in the Middlesex County area.

Locals depend on our legal team because we have a combined 20 years of experience taking on complex criminal cases. We'll use every available resource to give you the best possible chance at a favorable outcome.

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Your fight is our fight

Once you've been charged with a crime, the decisions you make early on will have a serious impact on your future. Waiting for a public defender to be appointed to you might already be too late. When you contact an attorney at our law firm, we will:

  • Advise you right away on how to proceed with police
  • Negotiate with the police and prosecutors to drop or reduce charges
  • Start gathering evidence or witness testimonies

As the prosecution starts building their case against you, you'll need a skilled attorney who can match them at every step. Reach out to our local law firm today for a consultation in Middlesex County.

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